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Partnered: 2023

Cold Water’s first product, Happy Scratch, is a non-prescription food additive aimed at reducing itching in pets commonly caused by food and seasonal allergies. The product is based on patented technologies developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Cold Water is moving into a new manufacturing space and plans to begin shipping the product direct to consumers in 1Q24. They will also be trialing their product with a chain of vet clinics across the southern U.S.

Partnered: 2022

Fenster Analytics is building a business intelligence platform called Strata Studio, which provides data analysis and visualization tools tailored for video game development studios. Alpha testing of the product was done in partnership with UltraHorse, a UK-based gaming studio. The company has since onboarded two employees. The launch of the beta product has been delayed until the end of this year/early next year. The company plans to raise its second round of funding in the first half of 2024.

Partnered: 2022

leysi is a savings platform targeting young adults and allows users to manage spending and engage with friends while discovering deals at local vendors in their community. 

Partnered: 2022

Plumb Pharmaceuticals has developed a platform technology for the extended release of medications into a patient’s system. Their first product will focus on improving opioid addiction treatment by doubling the release time of naltrexone. Plumb has refined two key formulations using a rat model and plans to move testing into a dog model before the end of the year. They are currently in the early stages of opening their next fundraising round.
RoddyMedical logo

Partnered: 2021

RoddyMedical develops innovative medical devices that improve clinical safety and patient outcomes. Their first product, the SecureMove-TLC, is an arm band that organizes a patient’s tubes, lines, and cords to prevent pulling or accidental dislodging, is in regular use at 4 hospitals, with 5 additional hospitals having completed trials and undergoing purchasing review. Roddy completed a seed round of $1 million in summer of 2022 and reopened the round to accept another $500k, of which approximately $120k remains to be raised.

Slot Check logo

Partnered: 2021

SlotCheck provides users real-time slot performance data to enhance their playing experience, while supporting partner casinos’ goals of improving customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. SlotCheck launched its app at Lake of the Torches in Lac du Flambeau, WI and is currently onboarding Eureka Casino in Las Vegas. SlotCheck’s second fundraising round recently closed at an oversubscribed amount of $925k. They are in the process of finalizing agreements with two additional casino partners.

Redeemed: 2023

Winnow Fund redeemed the full amount of its investment in Village in October 2023.